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My 1988 Chevy Hotrod and my 2000 suburban

413 cu in big block chevy in my 1988 truck
TCI Turbo 400 Trans; 3800 RPM 10" stall convertor; 9" ford w/ 4.10 gears and detroit locker posi unit

Current status:
drivetrain is complete. Still need to mount the radiator, install the gauges, wire the coil, build spark plug wires, and install the plugs. . . that's all!!! (Actually, I have to get a new water pump. . .pump I bought wil not work with the bracket/belt setup I bought. . .turns backwards!!)

My 2000 Chevy Suburban
Picked up most of the audio system from suppliers for very good prices while I was an employee of Peterbilt Motors. I still work there, but as a consultant for Delphi Automotive Systems.

My Current Suburban System is:
Alpine IVA-C800 Multimedia Center
Panasonic DV2500 DVD player/Japanesee Nav unit (this is the Japan version of the DV1500)
Alpine PXA-H510 Dolby Digital Processor
Movie Vision System: Includes VCR, TV Tuner, Antenna, 6.5" monitor, and a pair of wireless headphones.
Delphi RF modulated XM Radio setup
Alpine DVD based Power Nav navigation system
MB Quarts RSB 218 components in the front doors driven by a MTX Thunder 304 (180 x 2 in 2 channel mode)
Polk dB 6520's in the middle doors driven by a MTX Thunder 300 (110 x 2)
JL 3.5" 2-ways for surrounds driven by a MTX Thunder 150 (65 x 2)

Soon to come (below):
XXX 15, 4.35 ft^3 ported, tuned to 30 Hz
Driven by RE35.1