1998 Honda Civic
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Pictures of a basic Civic install. Budget System for SQ/SPL

Front stage is Koda components.  What a pain getting the Koda 6 behind the factory panel!!!

Rear is Koda 6 with MB Quart 1" tweeters and Music Comp XO's.

HC 18 in 4.5 ft^3 sealed.  Sounds awesome.

MTX Thunder 1004 125 x 4 for the Kodas

RE 35.1 Limited Edition for the HC 18

Re-wired the battery and grounds with 1/0 cable and ran 1/0 power to the rear of the vehicle.  It actually does pretty good now with just a factory size Die Hard battery. 

Pictures were taken late at night (I worked on it mostly at night) before everything was cleaned up and totally finished.  With the rear hatch cover in place, the only thing that does not look stock is the Alpne headunit.  The tweeters even look factory; the tirm rings match the other hard trim on the door perfectly, and the sub and amps are completely concealed. 

Ended up with less than in the system and it sounds GREAT.  The HC can be cranked for serious SPL (would love to have a termlab to know the numbers, but I know my truck did 142 on the termlab, and this thing kills it for SPL.), but turned down low with the Kodas, it has awesome SQ.

Rear Hatch

This is the rear hatch completed.  Just needs to be cleaned and wires straped down nice and neat.

completed door

The XO's are in the door and protected from moisture.  Tweeter looks factory. . .

Rear speakers

Cut out 3/16 aluminum plates to mount the Kodas/MBQ tweeters in the factory 6x9 location.  Factory covers fit back over them. . .

HC 18 sitting in the trunk

At this point, I was wondering if it was all going to fit and if I was going to get it back together before the owner came to pick it up!!!

New DR250/T30 setup